Ethics Management

Under Cisco Engineering' s Business Philosophy. We will devote our human resources and technology to delivery superior products and services thereby contributing to a better global society. 

Cisco Engineering has established its own standards and code of ethics that are aimed at promoting fair and transparent management practices. All members of Cisco Engineering pursue Cisco values of creativity, integrity, and rationalism, and compliance with law and fair. With an aim to realise this commitment, we proclaim and adopt the code of ethics as follows,

* We as Cisco mens and women of honesty and integrity, respect each other and fulfil our mission through the observance of basics and principles. 

* We comply with rules and regulations and respect business ethics and engage in free and fair competition on technology and cost excellence. 

* We offer fair and equal opportunities for all contractors and suppliers, meeting qualifications and seek for win-win partnership by building clean and transparent business environment. 

* We always respect and understand our customer's view and need from their perspective, and provide the best quality goods and services satisfying our customers. 

* We recognise the clean environment is the best asset we can pass on to the next generation, and we committed to creating wealth of the nation and development of mankind by engaging in environmentally-friendly business. © 2013-2016 All rights reserved.